My DD (darling daughter) is the master at turning a phrase.  While I cannot hold a candle to her writings, I figured I could do this as well.  Welcome to my life!

Monday, November 7, 2011

How sad is this?

it has been over seven months since i posted last. That is ridiculous! Not that more than two people read this, I guess I better get better at it.
So much for that...

Mystical? Good luck day? I hope so, but it is an important day on its own.
Veteran's Day, 2011
My grandfather was a veteran- World War I, believe it or not. He never saw combat, because the great influenza epidemic of 1917-18 saved him, in a way. He got sick in France and was in hospital there until the war was over. The story of how he got sick to begin with is comical, but it also saved his life, even though he was so sick he hardly thought so at the time.
His unit arrived in France and went to a small town, where they were given the "night off" to go to the local tavern and such. Apparently, some of the soldiers were a little forward with the local talent and the constable was called in. The sergeant asked who had been drinking; Buddy, my grandpa responded with , "well, I has a little wine..." Everyone who had been drinking were arrested. The jail was to small to hold them, so they were herded, no pun intended, into a sheep pen, where they spent the night. It was cold and many of them caught cold from being in the cold night air. Buddy caught cold and it turned into flu. Th rest of them went on to serve I think at the Argonne. At any rate, Buddy came back with two pieces of advice: never volunteer for ANYTHING, and don't own up to everything if it will keep you out of a sheep pen. I have manage to stay out of sheep pens, but the volunteer thing, well...
My uncle, Buddy's son, volunteered during World War II. He was just 19 when he died in a training mission. He was a good looking kid who my son resembles sometimes.
None of my father's brothers or my father served in the military, but were all proud Americans. Only one of my cousins served- it was during Vietnam and he survived.
These are only a few stories! THANK A VET this Friday for their service to our country and keeping us free. Pray for the soldiers who are serving now and thank them as well for their service to our great nation.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's Madness!

Spring Break- the time of R& R. An opportunity to rest and get everything together mentally for that last big push for the remainder of the school year. Uh Huh....

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Arkansas...78 degrees, breezy, sun shining. A trip to Lowe's garnered some lovely plants for looking at and eating (hopefully). An accidental purchase of a gardening basket at DAR State Conference got me some seeds and stepping stones and a hat! Three and a half hours later, my flower bed is planted and dug up and all my containers full of flowers. Now it is wait and see time. Will it get cold and kill it? Will the neighbor dogs dig it up? Will the local deer have lunch when the plants come up? Only time will tell.

So what's on the agenda for my second day or rest and relaxation? More outside work- leaf blowing and digging around my irises so they can get some air. Maybe sweeping off the front porch to make it look inviting. All of this takes a back seat to BASKETBALL tonight! That's the madness part...

For my two readers- sorry I haven't written for some months. Life kind of happened. WHERE IS MY FRIEND C. A.??? Guess Waldron, America doesn't have internet...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Where, oh where, has the summertime gone???

It's close to the end of July. Next week is cheer camp; the next week it's time for pre-school at-school workshops. It just seems like yesterday that we were singing "School's out for summer..."
Am I ready for school to start? no and yes. No because my room is a mess, I haven't done anything as far as revamping lesson plans, and I feel like I haven't rested at all. My kids (seniors 2010) have scattered to the four winds, and as of yet, there is not another class in line to take their place. Taking pictures BY MYSELF on the sidelines. Yes because I am excited for the coming year, even if I am not prepared. I think my photographic skills are getting better, and that my sideline shots will be better- I hope! My cheer chicks have been very easy to work with so far. I need the routine of having to be some place at the same time every day. I need to go back to work to REST!!!
So, what's in store? Cheer camp, Presenting an Arkansas History workshop, CPR, painting the closet in the gym so the mats have a home, painting the cheer house, selling rally towels, finishing up masters' class #2 and beginning #3. Yeah, nothing much!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Home again, home again, jiggity jig...

Home, Sweet, Home!!! Ever been on a trip and you CHEER when you cross the home state line? I even cheered when we crossed the Pope County line! The trip to New York was AWESOME- but fun is fun and then you're done! I am not used to 13 hour drives in one sitting. Highlights of the trip: Monticello, Antietan, Winchester, Virginia- the best oh, by the way, Gettysburg, and then hanging with my family in NY State, Lake Seneca and the wineries, and riding down the Erie Canal. Of course, coming by Ohio Pottery and getting more Fiestaware was good too. BUT I am tired and glad I don't have to go much of anywhere for a couple of weeks! Maybe I can catch up with friends here at home!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Slow Summer Daze

Who says a teacher has the summer off? Since June 1st, this slacker has supervised cheerleaders waiting tables twice, had 4 cheer practices, set up a hot dog stand, sat in on two interviews, and spent a week walking around a Civil War battlefield with a bunch of other slacker teachers who don't do anything in the summer!
Wow, what a great week! The institute was fantastic. I now know darn near everything there is to know about the war in Missouri.
The best part is that I met some really great people that I hope to keep in touch with for a while.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

"The Time has come," the Walrus said, "to talk of many things..."

This is how I started my letter to my  FB Seniors of 2010.  As my friend Chris says, she didn't birth them, but she feels like their momma.  Me, too, even though they wandered into my life in 7th grade.  They are a remarkable bunch of kids, academically and athletically.  They're smart, talented, and destined to set the world on fire.  I will miss them a bunch and school will not be the same.  

So- here's a few pictures of my "kids".  And another message: Don't be stupid, and if you need anything, give a shout!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers of Mothers....

Happy Mother's Day to you...
It's been a nice day.  Church, dinner at my mom's, and a nice nap.  Both of the biologicals called to wish Nanna and me a HMD, as well as the text messages and HMD's from my other kids from school.  Really sweet.
Pandora beads from Evan and Jenny and Reg, and a lovely bouquet from Lauren, and the dog didn't get in the garbage.  Yes, a good day.